Future in Hemp and Cannabis

Americans have been smoking marijuana ever since they can remember. The entire world has used cannabis and hemp for some reason or another. Some more spiritually or religious some medicinally others for enjoyment or culture and tradition. To deny the whole picture of what Hemp and Cannabis has done to this country historically is hypocritical. Viewing Marijuana as a “drug” and being pushed by the bad guy, to connect the modern day stigma of marijuana as a bad drug while alcohol and tobacco count for an uncountable amount of deaths. It’s not fair.

The history of using Cannabis is written and spoke of in stories of the land and the myths of marijuana mumbled from mouths of elders and all knowing respected men. Native American men which wandered this beautiful land we know and call home the United States of America.

Imagine this, split the war on drugs budget, invest in Hemp farming and Cannabis Cultivating in our Own Country. Using it for everything that it can be harvested, manufactured, and engineered into scientifically as well as raw material. Utilizing Hemp for clothing, paper, rope, cattle feed, insulation, biodegradable plastic types material, beauty products, products that can be as reliable, tougher, and safer than popular products being used in products that are much more harmful for the environment.

Hemp can reduce the destruction of forestry everywhere. The Hemp produces about 4x the amount of mulch pulp. with 4-7x less pollutant. Hemp is on this Earth to help our species survive longer with more durable and environmentally friendly ideas and solutions. I just don’t get the way we don’t take the first step in this direction. We could be in front of this new next culture corner, where life changes path for opportunity and equal options for everyone.

The taxes from the cannabis and Hemp revolution are going to bring an equality to the World economical balance. We who stand up to reform the marijuana laws have to literally be heard. No longer can we sit and complain about our right from home smoking. We have to take a literal stand and get involved. We can’t just let them win, we need to prove we are a power to be recognized and we do have a say in what is going to happen!!

We must unite and come together as one force for right thing to do. Vote Cannabis and Hemp and vote for our economy. Vote for a future of nothing but the improvement in everything. Everything would have a better chance of surviving, there would be so much more life to give and spread.

Let us stop competing for nicest and best and biggest and most and fastest. Concentrate on how and why. How are there people with nothing at the same time people with so much excess. Why isn’t there some equality balance act, a wealth share and donation fee. If you spend so much on such an entertainment or luxury you must also contribute an amount that is summarized by a percentage of fee’s spent on luxury to balance that with a donation to contribute a small percentage to some improvement foundation for the city or state programs. Such as after school Activities, more into the community, more housing for the homeless programs and not just total coverage. A jobs creation program necessary to stay applicable. .

Creating jobs to accommodate their necessary protection from the elements. Even if it is a minimum wage program and the remainder of their pay be reduced from room and board of their stay. Jobs would be at an all time high again economy would be booming. The moral of the people as a whole would be more positive!  Making the homeless a proud contributing member of society.

The ones that are proud and willing to understand and appreciate ownership of community. This will be the best thing to happen to the U.S.A. and the world.

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