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International Brotherhood of Marijuana Growers:







With legislation being challenged every day by DEA and ATF constantly raiding and destroying months sometimes years of progress in a completely legal, as far as the State is concerned, Medical Marijuana (MMJ) grow or dispensary. Even with Obama's latest promise to stop harassing the medical patients and medical dispensaries.

The time is now we have to stand up in each of our local communities and recruit every marijuana supporter and get them involved.  Justice is not a given anymore in the United States of America, you have to fight for it!

The Marijuana industry is going to have to come together and work as strategic Corporate force if we want to be taken seriously.   Since the future is paved clear for Corporate success in America, as long as your located somewhere else.  Outsourcing labor and manufacturing positions equal wealthy American corporate conglomerates and the controllers of most of the worlds wealth.

Medical Marijuana is not going to get us there.  Although MMJ is definitely a necessity, the only way the Marijuana Industry is going to be able to take a stand in the global market is full legalization.  We will have to endure the battles face to face dollar for dollar with Big Pharm, Big Oil, and the Textile industry  for rights to everything Marijuana, Cannabis, Hemp whatever you want to call it, is due. 

Here is a few areas where Marijuana is useful to human lifestyle and could replace our now unhealthy and toxic way of life and the way we wastefully use our FINITE fossil fuels as energy while polluting the planet that gives them to us, so disrespectful.  While Mother Earth herself provided the material in way of bio-fuel in Hemp and other more resourceful plants than Corn.  Why are we not utilizing the most efficient ways available to do things?  We are the United States of America we were the first to send people to the Moon, we invented the automobile, which was designed to run on hemp bio-fuel I might add, we overcome diversity in the most trying times, we survived the Great Depression to become a great productive Country and global economic force, we let women vote and work and fight in the military, we are the new way to prosper the future of mankind, we are the United States of America.  I ask you again.  Why are we not utilizing the most efficient ways available to do things?

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