Legalization Proposed in Milwaukee and Cartels Invade the Northwoods

Fox6 Milwaukee and WISN12 ABC have recent stories covering Cannabis this week.  Both stories are leaning towards a safer Wisconsin through legalization and regulation. While WISN12 featured a prominent Milwaukee couple proposing legalization outright. Fox6 was an investigatory story concerning illegal Marijuana grows in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, more specifically, Drug Cartels growing near Clam Lake, Wisconsin.

The WISN12 story is a clear cut proposal for legalization to better the economy in Milwaukee. While Fox6 never recognizes that through legalization the issues at hand would disappear.

Below are the links to both stories. Fox6 is the only one that would allow me to embed the video.

Prominent Milwaukee Couple Proposes Legalizing Marijuana

Drug cartels invade the northwoods of Wisconsin

Through legalization, regulation, and taxation Wisconsin would benefit from the revenue generated from all Cannabis/Hemp sales. The legal Cannabis industry would eradicate the need for illegal grows. With regulation there would be safe access to Medicinal Marijuana. Having a Responsible Use Act would allow the sale of a healthier product to responsible adults similar to the way alcohol is now. Benefits to this would be the obvious, legal sale of the product requires an ID, illegal dealers do not.

Northwoods Cartel Camp

Wisconsin, the time is now to move forward with Marijuana law reform and protect our youth, our beautiful Northwoods, and save our economy. Hemp is jobs and clean energy. Why deny the facts any longer. Wisconsin needs Cannabis and Hemp. We were the last state to grow legal Hemp in the United States in 1957, let us be the first to grow it and lead the way again.

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