With the budget an issue in Wisconsin and Medical Marijuana the answer to so many other State's financial issues. We ask, "Where would you like to see marijuana in Wisconsin?"

Here at SouthEastern Wisconsin NORML we believe full legalization is the answer to Wisconsin's economic fallout.

With Governor Walker trying to rid unions of bargaining power and raising their (yours and mine) healthcare cost to cover other holes in our budget we find few solutions. However legalizing marijuana/hemp for industrial use for our farmers to prosper will create jobs and support our local economies. Regulating and taxing marijuana will have upwards of $400,000,000 in state taxes a year. Not to mention the medical benefits of the 'drug'. Plus we will see savings in the state expenditure for our own "War on Drugs", less law enforcement, less people in prison to house and feed and because of less individuals imprisoned the more opportunity for schooling and career advancements.

Marijuana Prohibition Costs $$$



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