Tax My Joint, I’ll Still Smoke It.

Marijuana was a cash crop in the beginning of the 20th century.  It was used for oils, lamps, fuels, clothing, paper, medicines, materials, the list goes on! The government has never been too sure on what to do with this miracle plant.

Seen just as that, a miracle plant.  It's the most versatile, strongest, naturally grown fiber known to man.  Marijuana has never been the direct cause of a single death.  Marijuana has known medical capabilities, so many that at this current time fifteen states have legalized it for medical use, many in the works of following suit.


Open For business

Open For business

Marijuana grows easily.  Having the potential to reduce the destruction of trees and rainforests everywhere getting used for the manufacturing of paper!

We can profit off the marijuana as a business in this country even if it's just off the taxation of the states for the legal sales and marketing of the medical aspect of it. Federal government doesn't have a problem taking this money that is generated in the states where it is legalized, California and Colorado both paying in more than $700,000,000 that's only two states now imagine every state paying in some legal tax that could go towards the benefit of our own country from marijuana instead of illegal Cartels profiting off of our own use.  Besides we here in America are growing some of the best Marijuana in the World.

With the money generated from the taxation of Marijuana we could do all types of neat things. We could build shelters for the homeless and care for drug/alcohol addicts, this would also create jobs.  That's what this country is missing is the want to fix itself, we want to be such good Samaritan's we are willing to let our own homes go and still help other countries in the world. Don't get me wrong Peace love and the Beatles man but come on. We need help here at home the good old United States of America and it's about time somebody stood up for us, we need help.

Remember the little Americans, the reason everybody started trying to impress everybody else to begin with!  Well we need to be impressed again but this time do it domestically.  Help out our Veterans of War old and young the same.  They are the reason we can do this everyday day after day. Our "freedom" no matter how tattered and torn shall never be stripped from us again, we will rise from the ashes and overcome this outrage labeled Prohibition! May we do so peacefully in the name of Ghandi, MLK Jr, Mandella!!

Legalize Marijuana and maybe this is where we can spend those millions and billions potentially.  On ourselves let's spoil the real American's not the ones who have been spoiling themselves off foreign profits and outsourced labor.
I say we reclaim that money as ours. We the people what do we want to do with this money?  Huh, now think of it that way what would you do if you could just make it right.........HHHMMM?

Start out by Legalizing Marijuana throughout the States placing on it a sin tax of that like Tobacco and Alcohol.  Along with age regulations and safety precautions. This would create an enormous base of use for the plant whatever you can do with it as long as it does not directly or indirectly injure another being so be it.

The point is, why not??  That's what I'm really getting at.  With no deaths to claim and medically proven good all natural plant why not be legal?  Because we can't patent it to make Billions off of medicinally?  Well my friends with that thought I give you a Billion dollar crop, Marijuana.  I just ask why fight the inevitable?  Why spend anymore resources on such a war that's never going to be won.

Let's take a poll of the people that marijuana affects the lives of our Men and Women of Law Enforcement. The people that have to deal with the dirt bags that are getting rich in your neighborhood selling drugs and I say drugs because not that marijuana is a drug but being illegal, making it classified as an illegal substance, therefore your children have to go to a drug dealers neighborhood, and house to get it, where also is selling cocaine for them to try? Is this really necessary?

The only reason anyone can put Marijuana as a "Gateway" drug is because of the crowd that it comes with as an illegal substance!  Making it legal will take not only your son or daughter out of the drug-dealer environment but also the money out of your neighborhood's local drug dealer's pockets and less worry for those that just want to smoke a joint. We don't want to have to go to a "drug-dealer's" house where he's also selling cocaine and let's say heroine not to mention the plethora of prescription drugs that are being sold.

Cannabis can treat all these ailments.

Cannabis can treat all these ailments.

Cartel's are getting rich outside the U.S.A. because of the legality of  marijuana inside the U.S.A. We can grow this very easily for medicinal, textile, industrial, even recreational use. Who knows you could be the next Tommy Hempfinger, hemp designer!

Let's take that money back and put it in the hands of Americans that are willing to get their hands dirty doing some work growing it for ourselves and that want to do good for our country, not for it's government or corporations but for the people! The real reason we have a government, sometimes forgotten by those that view us as slaves of their product or label being produced in some third world country by some sweat shop that was outsourced due to safety measures or mandatory pay grades that somebody seen an opportunity for profit not well being!!

Please help get the Marijuana off the bad drug list and on the good drug list!

Live And let grow.

If it can help let it!!

Tax my joint,  I'll still smoke it!!

Jay Blaze

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