The Time Is NOW. Be The Change Wisconsin Needs!

So, you consume Cannabis, or not. You want to feed less fortunate, or not. You interested in registering to vote to help change laws, or not. You want to hang with like minded individuals for a day of great food, music and people?

Open For business

Open For business

We're talking about the 4th Annual Milwaukee Marijuana March! Do you want to help be the change we need here in Wisconsin?! We need you to be participatory and involved in the local political scene in order to change the way Wisconsin reflects it's views regarding Cannabis.

This year Southeastern Wisconsin NORML is coordinating the 4th annual Milwaukee Marijuana March, voter registration drive, food drive, and of course we'll be announcing the signature petition drive.

Activist actionIf you want to become involved and help, the time is now. Email us at and let us know if you would like to join and/or volunteer, help collect signature or to donate.  The next SE Wisconsin NORML meeting is April 27th, this is the last meeting before the March, come out and show support!

We are doing everything possible to make 2014 a policy shifting year for Wisconsin.  Many organizations are coming together to make this change a reality and for that we thank you, Wisconsin ASA,  The Ben Masel Project, Parent4Pot WisconsinWisconsin NORML, Madison NORML, NWisconsin NORML.

Don't forget to donate to the Wisconsin Marijuana Billboard to help spread the truth concerning OUR politicians stonewalling a comprehensive medical bill in Wisconsin. Billboard2

This is the year.

No longer will we live in fear.

If we want to change the way we're treated

We must stand and demand it until they've retreated.

Harvest Fest

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