Venue change for next meeting


Southeastern Wisconsin NORML

I noticed a recent Facebook post on the Southeastern Wisconsin NORML page about the venue change for the next meetings.  Here is the post and link to the event:

The Monday, July 30th 2012, Southeastern Wisconsin NORML meeting for members, prospective members and the general public starts at 7:00PM at the Rochambo Coffee & Tea House located at 1317 E. Brady Street, Milwaukee, WI. You are invited to join Wisconsin’s emerging leader in cannabis (marijuana) law reform.

We support the freedom to grow, distribute, use industrial hemp, medical cannabis, and responsible adult use that ends Cannabis Prohibition. We are working to reform current Wisconsin laws in all areas, however we could use some help from the citizens of Wisconsin. Despite our State Motto being Forward, we are falling behind legislatively compared to our neighboring States. Join us or join or any other NORML Chapter or other Cannabis Reform Organization in the State close to you and get involved with making a Bill Pass for Wisconsin! If you need help or can volunteer, yet don’t know how, just contact us anytime at

It’s time to reclaim our freedom to make our own choices, fix our economy, help out patients, empty our over crowed prisons of non-violent cannabis offenders, end the drug related violence created by prohibition, stop the misinformation amongst the general public.

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