Why It’s Still Illegal

by Jay Kemp

While many are trying to decide the future of medical marijuana in their states. Sixteen states along with our Capitol, that's right Washington D.C., have already decided that Medicinal Marijuana is an acceptable, safe, effective, alternative to other much more addictive and proven way more deadly, dangerous drugs, opiates and narcotics.

The reality is obvious Marijuana, Cannabis, pot, ganja, bud, thai stick, or grass is and always has been referred to in all regards as having medicinal properties.  Dating back, over 5000 years ago, we have recently found Egyptian tombs with  cannabis in them.  Meaning as long as human has had the wherewithal to process cannabis into medicine WE HAVE!  It is even well documented within Pharmacopoeias of the past that cannabis and tinctures of cannabis have been one of the MOST prescribed all natural substances known to man not to forget even the modern medicine man.

This holistic herb, Cannabis, has been known to help with menstruation, cramping, nausea, headaches, Asthma, AIDS wasting, chemo recovery and many more.  Yet we still have to fight for the legality of it while everyday someone dies from a prescription overdose and it is concluded that it was an accidental overdose. So legal pharmaceutical companies are getting away with murder, unintentional manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, reckless homicide, or is it actually premeditated?  I mean they know the potential risk of these pharmaceuticals they produce, I'm sure you've heard the side effects, including DEATH. Yet Cannabis, never killing anyone, is the villainous drug that we are spending literally BILLIONS of tax payer dollars to make sure to protect our children from?!

Wendy Chapkis: Why It's Still Illegal from Dave Wilkinson on Vimeo.
Prof. Wendy Chapkis of the University of Southern Maine, author of "Dying To get High." speaks at the Augusta CC on 11/5/11 for the Homegrown Maine event.

The facts behind Cannabis having medicinal properties are obvious and anybody that denies that is supporting criminal enterprises and illegal Cartels in their distribution of ILLEGAL drugs.  If ALL drugs were legalized and regulated there would be no Cartels killing tens of thousands of people along any borders.  The issue that concerns me more than medicinal marijuana and our right to put anything into our bodies by choice is the fact that our planet we live on, EARTH is being raped of her fossil fuel.

While I stop myself from going in a direction of war and death I lean towards the lighter side of the argument. Henry Ford and Rudolph Diesel both intended their engines to rely on hemp based bio-fuel.  It was a cleaner more efficient fuel and renewable. While even in February 1938 the Hemp the "BILLION Dollar Crop" was introduced by Popular Mechanics Magazine. Yes that's right in 1938 not only was a new crop introduced that planned on re-industrializing the world with a renewable resource but in 1938 that was the first time the "B" word was used in agricultural industry, "B"illion.

Not knowing that the government had already stamped out the reality of Hemp becoming the Billion dollar crop, Popular Mechanics published the story after the Marijuana Tax Stamp Act of 1937.  The reason they didn't was to no fault of their own but due to the deceit of their own government.

Rather than bore you through an entire history lesson, the yellow journalism of the Hearst Paper company, and the power of a few invested in DuPont and their petrochemical division that directly leads to the prohibition of Marijuana.  Even a little nepotism was involved with Andrew Melon, the primary investor in DuPonts petrochemical division, assigning his soon to be nephew in law, Harry Anslinger, to head the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.

Ok I get it, Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.  So why then in the society we live in today is the "War" on the safe holistic all natural cannabis and the "Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs" are the ones doing the damage.  And by "damage" I mean literally thousands of deaths per year.

The following infographic demonstrates the epidemic that is due to the overwhelming growth of prescription drug use in the United States.

Now given all these facts I ask you where is the threat? In an all natural plant or these deadly pharmaceuticals?  Now knowing what FACTS and the benefits of cannabis and ALL it's uses I wonder when we will make the right choice and propose not for just medicinal use of cannabis for medicine, but FULL LEGALIZATION ending the unnecessary wasting of our NON-Renewable fossil fuel resource.

Not to mention the even bigger conspiracy behind the political farce of prohibition. If there were any TRUE humanitarianism behind politics and the decisions that help, and in some cases HURT the public, the first and foremost issue  should be protecting the future of our environment  in which we live. Common sense would tell you that the safe, alternative to our NON-renewable fossil fuel would be Hemp.  However the reality behind politics isn't the well being of the public but the well being of their financial future and we all know Big Oil, Big Pharma, and Big Textile have much more concern for continuing their fortunes by controlling politics than considering the well being of the public.

Please do your part today by going to WisCAN.org and contact your legislatures and voice your opinions regarding this FARCE they call Prohibition.

Thank you,
Jay Blaze
Executive Director
SE Wisconsin NORML




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