Wisconsin Falling Behind

While states decide on full legalization for jobs and taxes Wisconsin is falling behind. Please, Lena C. Taylor, help us start the legislation process to educate our State and the endless possibilities that it harnesses with jobs in agriculture, farming, electricians, HVAC, horticulture and grow supply stores, LESS subsidization from government for Corn, safer and cleaner for Bio-fuel such an Ethanol than Corn. The reasons are too long to list. Wisconsin needs 4 main changes concerning the laws that criminalize Cannabis and Hemp.

1. End the automatic 2nd offense felony for simple possession. We all know that targets youth and minorities.

2. Legalize Cannabis and Hemp so Wisconsin can lead the Country by being the First self-sufficient state. (Being illegal to cross State border we would have to use all the Hemp produced bio-fuel and goods made here.)

3. Develop safe access to medicinal cannabis and all it's goodness ie: Concentrates, edibles, derivatives, and/or raw plant and seeds along with a Grow Your Own (GYO) policy for the individuals deemed worthy of a Cannabis recommendation by a licensed qualified Cannabis representative. (note: eventually other individuals will qualify to recommend Cannabis since it is a wholistic non-narcotic medication.)

4. Implement the first Cafe style legalization laws. Regulate it as alcohol and TAX it! Treat the Cannabis Cafes as Taverns and/or Restaurants. Businesses that already sell alcohol could apply for permits to sell Cannabis. Also the option to have a Cannabis only Cafe, the Cannabis Licenses would be handled in the same manner as the Liquor Licenses are currently being handled.

The INSTANT creation of jobs across the State would bring a near end to Wisconsin unemployment not to mention the millions, possible billions of dollars it would generate while allowing our Law enforcement agencies to concentrate on violent crime, rape, child exploitation and much more serious criminal activity.

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