Wisconsin Unites for Legislation Meeting

So, from what I took away from the legislation meeting in Madison on Sunday was that a few very dedicated people want to change legislation and laws concerning cannabis and the problems that prohibition cause here in Wisconsin. We can do this a couple different ways. We can have an effort at the local level with a decriminalization initiative. Through the state level with legislation. But one thing is CERTAIN, WE MUST DO SOMETHING!!

I love some of the ideas that were thrown around. Removing the automatic 2nd offense felony, decrim initiatives up to 28g or possibly 112g with possible paraphernalia exemptions for medical patients with an up to date order from a Physician. Rescheduling cannabis, De-Scheduling cannabis altogether, veterans exemption that allows the use of Cannabis to curb the need for opiates. Treating cannabis like alcohol, the Castle doctrine law in regards to possession and growing your own [with an up to date "grower" order from a Physician]. Not to mention the numerous Hemp ideas that are, to me, a no brainer.

Hemp farming would have at least produced a crop this year, even with this drought we are experiencing, it wouldn't have been 20 foot stalks but at least it would be SOMETHING. Rather the corn which is not only subsidized by the government but the farmers who are out due to this drought will be receiving MORE tax payer money because of the resulting loss of corn crop.

Wisconsin has come together and with dedication and commitment WI will legalize cannabis and Hemp. Thank you!

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